L’intervista – Mancini jr: in Europa per la politica del fare (da Il Mattino)

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  1. Mariya scrive:

    MGC, you might get your wish. They still are outnumbered and Sabrina’s geassd. Sun is making amends for the way she handled things with Sabrina. Involving Damage Inc would kind of cheapen that, I think.LOL Ken!Maniac, the factions are cool towards one another. If Yvonne can help it, she avoids Chloe because she’s a nutcase. But yeah, Sun doing some damage (haha) to HB would be quite the feather in Lil Dragon’s cap.Cool Chris! a0It looks like I’m going for sure, but I don’t know yet if it’s both days. I if it’s both days, probably general admission. If it’s just Saturday, then front row. First round’s on me!Trevor, just like Underdog!Adon, you have definitely caught the vibe that the Nikki and Kyra have put out on Sabrina and that Yvonne has been quiet. Yvonne has her reasons. Sun knows the score, and she took the route of getting forgiveness over permission’ to help out her friend. You also caught correctly the vibe between Jennifer and Kat. XD Rowr X 2.

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